Same Page allows you to develop once, deploy everywhere, and own forever.

Same Page is a suite of services that results in richly interactive, customized, cross-platform content.

Same Page has 3 major components.




Interactive whiteboard software which interacts live with learners' devices (tablets or computers)




Software for the learners to use on their iPad or Android device when at home or on the move, ideal for homework; Pad is also perfect for creating and deploying richly interactive books on the App Store or Google Play.




Fully integrated usage and performance statistics software, which allows the learners to focus their study on the areas where it is most needed. It also supplies useful information to teachers, schools, parents and publishers.


Class is a feature-packed interactive whiteboard presentation tool that allows the teacher to send tasks to her students’ mobile device or PC with one tap.

IWB software made with Class allows the teacher to present a book’s content on the whiteboard and annotate it using application-native tools. Interactive tasks are also available, and they can be immediately sent to learners’ devices (tablets or computers) at the tap of a button. In this way, the teacher has full control of her classroom, making sure the learners’ devices are displaying what she wants them to pay attention to.
Content created with Class can be converted to a student-centered tablet app with virtually no effort using Pad.

Class integrates with Track, the tool for gathering usage and performance statistics useful to the learner, the teacher, the shool, the parent and the publisher.


Pad makes responsive and richly interactive digital books that are accessible through any mobile device.

Pad is the quickest and most efficient way of creating digital books that are deployable everywhere. It is powerful and flexible, allowing for plenty of customization, so that your books maintain their look and feel as well as the methodological principles they were created upon). Digital books made with Pad come complete with interactive tasks, annotation tools and social network integration.

Looking to create IWB software based on your books? Content created with Pad can be converted to a richly interactive classroom presentation tool using Class.

Pad integrates with Track, the tool for gathering usage and performance statistics useful to the learner, the teacher, the school, the parent and the publisher.


How are your digital components used? Track is a powerful suite of tools that gather usage and performance statistics.

Track generates personalized progress reports for individuals or groups, useful to the learner, the parents, the teacher, the school and the publisher.

  • Learners can compare their performance to that of their classmates or other students of the same level from all over the world. Their study is guided through personalized progress reports.

  • Teachers discover their learners’ strengths and weaknesses at a glance, while time required to evaluate and grade homework is minimised.

  • Parents and guardians can get a clear picture of how learners are progressing.

  • Publishers know how their digital components are used, and what learning results their users achieve.

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