“Innovation is the landscape between ideas and inventions.”

Our team consists of elearning experts, instructional designers, UX researchers, software engineers and UI designers.

Building on our multiyear experience, CCS actively participates in the HORIZON 2020, EUROSTARS, INTERREGERASMUS+ and NSRF programmes.

Take a look at some of our projects in three areas of specific interest to us.

Personalised Learning

Researching ways of achieving highly personalized learning for specific target groups such as the elderly and children, as well as for SMEs in specific sectors.

A SME-oriented training program and supporting tools for lifting the barriers in ICT enabled intelligent manufacturing.

Hands on training course on e-Commerce for youth start-ups.

Hands on training course for Financial Sustainability Managers of start-ups.

Boosting Online cross-border Sales for furniture and household SMEs.

A digital transformation course for European SMEs to embrace smact ICT.

The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) profile of the Sustainable MAnageR in TOURism Sector.

Game Based Learning / Augmented Reality

Designing games that offer plenty of opportunities for active learning through trial and error and conveying knowledge in a pleasant and highly effective manner.

Learn EU
The Learn EU project aims to provide a new way to explain Europe and its values through serious games. The fundamental objective of the project is to communicate the European Union and its institutions in a form that is at the same time simple, modern, innovative, immediate and aware.

EnterMode aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of higher education staff and to stimulate the entrepreneurial mind-set of higher education students through an innovative internship model.
Join EnterMode Community of Practice (CoP) our virtual community offering a rich variety of open-source based tools that CoP members can use to create content, share knowledge and collaborate with each other.

Play2Learn develops educational content to improve teaching efficiency and develop teaching competences

Hyperclean4HORECA plans to develop an online Hygiene & Cleaning Manager Tool that will follow a training path designed to equip staff in the HORECA sector

The project aims to decrease sexual abuse and exploitation of young people (9-18 years old).

Development of an apiculture training game for adults supporting the development of beekeeping

Development of digital media literacy and critical thinking skills among students 10 to 15 through game-based learning,

Promoting the use of gaming as an educational tool while bringing back hands-on educational play.

Global Spin
Transnational Entrepreneurship and Corporate Learning: Fostering Effective Internationalization Strategies in Academic Spin Offs.

Boosting social INclusion of migrants through CREAtive industries. A serious game for migrants.

Weight Matters
An adult education project to pilot effective ways to manage and cope with the challenges of living in obesogenic environments through gamification and edutainment.

Augmented Reality for improving training of teachers on safer internet.

Inspiring young people to experience cultural heritage through augmented reality technologies.

Supporting seniors to develop digital skills in order to work as experts in tourism destination management and promotion.


At CCS, we continuously research the fields of eLearning towards improving the way people learn through the use of new technologies.

Mindful Ageing
A Learning Motivation Environment with interactive training materials to educate individuals aged 50+ on how to develop a positive mindset towards ageing and well-being.

Promoting the European Digital Citizenship Pass for Youth e-participation and e-inclusion.

The 4 EXPORT intends to boost the internationalisation of SMEs by promoting interdisciplinary apprenticeship training and education in Europe.

Developing Competencies for Stress Resilience @SMEs

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Enabling VET students to gain relevant work experience through internships for a quicker and more efficient entry to the job market after their finished education.

Quality Blended Learning
Improving and extending the supply of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual low-skilled or low-qualified adult educators.

Inclusion of Digital Education in Adult Learning
Learning material to promote modern pedagogies, training methods and teacher practices and a toolkit to support the effective use of ICT in adult education.

FACET – Furniture Sector Avant-garde Creativity and Entrepreneurship Training
Developing innovative tools for training in creativity and entrepreneurship for the furniture and home interior sectors

Empowering youth through learning about Internet addiction and how to moderate excessive use.

Lets Guide
Skills for entrepreneurship and internationalization promotion among adult people.

Vocational profile for skilled workers of the European Footwear Industry.

Empowering youth through learning about Cyberbullying and how to protect themselves from maladaptive Internet use.

A user-friendly visual development environment for publishers’ digital publications.

A development environment for test simulation software.

Clear LUA
A CORONA/LUA framework for the development of tablet-based interactive books for young learners.

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