Turbo-boost adoptions with games your teachers and students love!

77% of people who own a computer and/or mobile device are casual gamers (New Zoo, 2016). Combine this fact with the spectacular learning results that games can achieve (Harris 2009, Marzano 2011), and the market thirst for engaging, addictive and effective educational games is explained.

We love conceptualising and developing games based on ELT publications. Clients that are already using this service enjoy the benefits of differentiation from competitors, as well as the love of teachers and students who teach and learn while playing.



Whatever the age of your audience, we can design and create animated movies that are engaging and fun.

From animatics to deployment on various platforms, our animation experts are here to help.

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IWB software & content for your LMS

CCS were the first company to produce IWB software for ELT back in 2005. Since then, IWB has become essential for all publications

We design cutting-edge IWB software and elearning content full of challenges and surprises for your users to experience. Minimize lesson preparation time and keep students engaged and motivated!

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The world’s first Learning Motivation Environment

Learning management systems (LMSs) are ok, but we believe they could do a lot more to encourage the user to stick around.

Lykio is a multi-tenant learning motivation environment that can supercharge your teachers’ and learners’ motivation. It does what LMSs do, but also offers a fully customizable gamification engine, and:

• Avatar creation – each user can identify and relate to their custom-built avatar

• Virtual currency and purchasables, such as clothes, accessories or pets!

• Reasons for users to keep consuming learning content in the pursuit of grand achievements.

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