Meet our people

We are a team of business analysts, instructional designers, UX researchers, software engineers and UI designers.
What connects us is the belief that to work means to learn, and the knowledge that the most successful companies are the ones who learn the most.
We love researching and inventing new ways to convey knowledge.
Would you like to work, learn and evolve with us?  


Elias Parlavantzas
Chief Executive Officer



At the helm from the very beginning, Elias has guided the company’s evolution from neighbourhood vendor to esteemed international thought-leaders.

His background is in developing international business, but has also helped shape the company’s operations and sales strategy. Elias is a natural strategist and a real connoisseur of the global elearning market.

Christos Anthis
Chief Learning Strategist



Along with childhood friend Elias, he co-founded CCS in a café, during a two-hour “let’s be late to work” session.

Christos designs elearning initiatives for CCS clients coming from hugely diverse markets – from English Language Teaching (ELT) to banking and mobile telephony. These days he spends a considerable amount of time creating motivational schemas for elearning.

Vicky Giougli
Head of Content



After several years of working in print and online publishing in the education sector, Vicky decided to explore the potential of elearning. This turned her into one of those lucky people who discover a new passion and manage to make it their full-time job.

As Head of Content, Vicky oversees a variety of projects ranging from print publishing to digital publishing to elearning courses. She is one of those rare professionals whose understanding of teaching transcends subject matter, method or media.

George Lamprogiotas
Senior Business Analyst



George heads Corporate Solutions at CCS. Experienced in both Project Management and Business and Requirements Analysis, he is always present when strategic discussion around elearning take place.

His latest passion is Product design, especially in early stages of transforming ideas into usable and useful software.

Alex Daloglou
Senior Project Manager



Alex, Alexis, or Alexios? Nobody really knows, even though he’s been with the company from its infancy back in 2006. Since then, he has developed methods and tools that have, in large part, defined the CCS offering.

He is the programming brain behind the company’s interactive whiteboard (IWB) software, which continues to set trends in the use of classroom technology to this day, as well as many innovative and extremely versatile elearning development templates.

Despina Tsilimagou
Chief Learning Strategist



Despina manages and contributes to several elearning projects CCS are currently working on.

She is a recent addition to the team, brought in because of her ability to bring fresh ideas and concepts to authoring content for elearning. A sometimes reticent and thoughtful academic, she makes crucial and well-timed interventions that, more often than not, take an elearning initiative to the next level.

Panagiotis Fouzas
Senior Consultant



PF has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. He has deep understanding of data center, virtualisation, storage and data management technologies.

Above all, he is an expert analyst of business needs, and able to provide infrastructure designs that solve problems. Panagiotis is also a natural mentor, motivating, mobilising and educating colleagues in the methods and techniques that achieve business results.

Mattheos Kakaris
Principal Consultant/Business Unit Director



Matt has worked as an IT consultant for over 15 years, directing complex projects from concept to deployment. When he’s not on a plane somewhere to oversee a CCS research project, he coordinates the company’s effort to be part of cutting-edge R&D worldwide, in partnership with universities and public institutions.

He is also an expert in open-source web technologies, with an emphasis on open-source learning management systems, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

How we work

Throughout the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation stages of an elearning project,
we work with the trainee in mind.
This isn’t really ground-breaking, just common sense
(but there seems to be a lack of common sense in elearning these days,
as the end-user’s needs rarely feature in elearning strategy.

Expect us to ask you a lot of questions about your trainees and to reach out to them through online surveys.
Expect us to openly disagree with you when we feel that one of your decisions
is detrimental to the trainee’s experience.
In all likelihood, the alternatives we propose will delight you.

We choose to work on projects that inspire us from the moment we hear about them.
When we are energised by the client’s vision, we’re at our best.
Our clients then become colleagues, and our company and theirs become a team focused on learning results.
This is why clients come back to us again and again.
We are not a vendor, we are a strategic partner.