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With our A-Z services, pieces finally fall into place.
Everything you need to plan, develop and deploy successful elearning.


Discovery Workshop

We base our proposals on a standardised Discovery Workshop, where your stakeholders spend a few hours with CCS’s learning strategist and business analyst and find things out by means of interview and interactive exercises like: Project vision, learning and business goals, KPIs, visuals style and tone of voice of content and platform, high-level features, prioritisation and type of content. Following the workshop, you get a detailed project roadmap, complete with estimates of required resources, budget and time.

In effect, it is a vital tool for success!

George Lamprogiotas

Senior Business Analyst

George explains the importance of the Discovery Workshop – and discusses some of its key benefits.

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Project Roadmap

With 10+ years on the field and the Workshop findings, we are able to say “Here’s what we need to do to achieve our goals, and here’s when and how we need to do it.”

Project team composition.
What kind of experts do you need? Authors? Illustrators? Animators? Game designers?
Task list and task dependencies.
Elearning projects are complex affairs. Make sure you know from the very beginning who needs to do what, and when.
Project narrative.
The project narrative is a two-page document which tells your project’s
story in plain, easy to follow language, because not everyone has time to read through a detailed project plan.


Content Authoring

Solid instructional design is essential for your project’s success.

Our IDers will analyze your business and learning needs, the intended uses of your elearning, and the environment it will exist in, in order to create digital content which works exactly as it should.
We will review any raw content that already exists (e.g. presentations or text documents) and report on its suitability for elearning.
Whether writting from scratch, or editing existing content, our elearning authors will work with your subject matter experts to create the perfect raw content for your needs.


eLearning Environment

We help you choose the right LMS that fits your business and learning objectives.

Here are some questions we always ask:
Is it easy to use?
Does it give users an appetite for learning?
Does it reflect the users’ interests and culture?
Does it showcase the users’ achievements?
Does it feel like every minute I spend on it counts?
Does it let people share informal knowledge?
Can it grow?
Do learners form communities, or are they isolated?


Content Development

Supervised by world-class instructional designers, CCS content developers have amassed years of experience in interpreting a brief into a powerful interactive experience which achieves learning goals.

Digital content that works!
CCS takes care of your publishing needs – from designing a print syllabus to designing each page, and delivering print-ready PDFs, complementing your elearning with physical publications?


Project Evaluation

No elearning initiative is complete without evaluation of its outcomes, and proposals on improvements that will yield even better results.

We measure our efforts against the success metrics we set during the Discovery Workshop, to check how well your investment is doing.
CCS reaches out to the end-users at regular intervals throughout implementation (beginning with a post-workshop survey to validate our assumptions, and continuing surveys that follow the learning program’s pilot).