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Instructional design

The foundation for successful learning

The way people learn has been a major field of research for a long time. Yet, in many learning initiatives, the rules and principles that govern knowledge transfer and acquisition are overlooked.

Truest thing you’ll hear today: without solid instructional design, your elearning initiative will fail. You can’t substitute it with fancy graphics and animations, either. Sorry to be blunt.

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Gamification design

It can work miracles if you do it right.

There is a reason for that: there is a widespread misconception that gamification is an ‘add-on’ to an LMS. But gamification is not simply adding badges and leaderboards. It’s never plug-and-play.

Gamification must be designed around specific behavioural targets (what we want to encourage people to do).

Gamification (and its little cousin, game-based learning) must serve your instructional goals. Neglect this, and your learning results will suffer.

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Custom content creation

From original content editing and learning object scripting
to interactive animation and game-based learning objects —
we’ve got you covered. CCS content developers interpret
briefs and transform static content into captivating interactive
learning objects that achieve learning goals.

• Content authoring

• Graphic design

• Audio design; SFX research and implementation; audio recording

• Animation & animated movies

• Learning game design and creation

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